Friday, 16 October 2015

Goals Reflection 15.10.15

My goals at the start of the year were;
1. To be a good leader
2. To do a science badge
3. To get a distinction leadership badge

1.  I think that I am going well with this goal because I have been trying to do as much as I can in my role and I have been helping others do the same.

2. I worked really hard in the holidays to try and get a sports science badge done and I completed half of it so I am still trying to do that one but it shouldn't take me to long to do.

3. I haven't got my merit badge yet so it's impossible to get my distinction but I am trying my hardest to reach my merit and maybe even my distinction badge.

Next step: 
My next step is to reach my merit badge because I am so close now and it's something I really want to acheive  

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games 2015

Over the last 3 days I competed in Touch Rugby at Koru Games.
I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere between all of the different teams and everyone following the fair play promise.
Thinking back to the beginning, I have improved on initiating the touch so you don't over run your mark.
Something I will remember is, making new friendships with people from other schools and making other friendships stronger.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Speech Writing: Prove it

This is some of my highlighted writing from my speech prove it:

How come teachers are allowed to wear makeup and nail polish, yet we aren't even allowed to wear coloured socks!

Aren't we supposed to be a country with equal rights? I think it should be up to the students to decide!

Have you ever got a self check because you were uncomfortable in your uniform?

This is my exit ticket:

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

At this weeks leadership meeting I made sure that I woke up early and that I had the things I needed for the meeting. All of the girls were there early but some of the boys were a little bit late. Rosie and I planned the skit for next weeks assembly. I need to make sure that we practice it and make sure that the other people organising it get their bit done. The skits are hard to plan because you don't know what's going to happen on the day. 

Leadership Merit:Flags

This week I have been forgetting to put my flag out until after the bell rings so I have had to do it after school. This week the boys forgot to put out the flags twice but they still haven't done their punishment. I really need to make sure that when we pack up I do my flag and then help pack up so that I don't have to do it after school. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday we had a leadership meeting and we talked about doing a skit in assembly about a certain aspect of each C.A.R.E value. We needed someone to run it so I put my hand up and I am running it with Rosie. Something Rosie and I need to do is make sure the people in the skit practice because we are doing one tomorrow and I don't think anyone has practised. I am not in the skit tomorrow because I don't want to do it because I am busy at the moment and I have other things to do but I want to be in the next one.

Leadership Merit: Flags

This term the girls are on bringing the flags in and the boys are putting them out. I have gotten way better at remembering to bring my flag in. I have set an alarm on my watch to go off at 2:50 so that I don't forget. The boys have forgotten to put the flags out twice this term already and they have had to come into the girls class and say that girls are better than boys. I think that it is a really good punishment because the girls never forget. I think that something all the girls could work on is reminding the two people that never do their flag to do it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maths: Circle problems, area, circumference, diameter and radius.

This is a problem on IXL. 
To work this out you need to write down what you already know.
Radius= 3 
Circumference= ?

To work out the circumference you need to use the right formula which is 2×π×r=

2 times π is 6.28. So then you need to do 6.28×3 which is 18.84

So the answer is 18.84.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Leadership: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday there was a leadership meeting and I made sure that I woke up early enough to be there and made sure that I had what I needed. First we moved some furniture so that we could have science in the breakout hub. Then we talked about how our leadership badges were going and other stuff like that. Next time I need to come a we bit later because I was really early.

Leadership Merit: Technology

On Tuesday we had Technology. On the way to Tech our bus was getting quite loud so me and my bus buddy made sure we were quiet and that we were being sensible. At Tech I am in woodwork and we are making speaker boxes. I made sure that I listened to what Mr Bowers was saying so that I could try really hard to get as much done as possible. At Morning tea I was getting bored so I tried playing different games but the people that I was playing with kept going inside where we aren't supposed to be so I found some new people to play with so that I could still get involved.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My goals Term 3 Reflection

1. To be a good leader.
I am going good with this goal. Something that I want to improve on is making sure that I try to get involved with as much as I can.

2. To do a science badge.
I have chosen a badge to do and made a start on it but the en I haven't done more on it for a while. I am planning on doing some more soon.

3. To get a distinction leadership badge.
I just need two more weeks and then I should have got my merit so I'm not really on track to getting a  distinction. I am going to make sure I blog every week and do more homework challenges.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Leadership Merit: Flags

Every morning the girl leaders put out the school flags. This week I forgot to do them on Wednesday but I did them every other day. Next week I need to make sure I remember everyday. One thing that we all need to do is decide on what we do if it's raining because we don't want them to get broken and damaged.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Weather Forecast

Identify language features in contemporary texts

This is a follow up from a breakout.
We read the text firework and then we had to find examples of language features and write why they are used.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday we had a leadership meeting. I was there on time and I had the things I needed. We talked about helping the younger students remember their houses and getting more house competitions ready. Next week I need to make sure I remember my book because this week I was really close to forgetting.

Leadership Merit: Technology

On Tuesday we had technology. On the way to technology I sat with Lauren and we talked to each other the whole time. I am on woodwork and we were cutting our wood and making it into a box. I helped Lauren get her box together and then we decorated our title pages together. I got my box together and got my planning ready for next week. On the way back from technology it was really loud on the bus and me and Lauren couldn't really hear each other without shouting so we only talked when it got quiet.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


This is a follow up activity from one of our breakouts.

We read a text and ten had to fill in an online form.

First we had to figure out what the authors purpose was. To do this you had to think about why the author wrote this. You choose from persuade, inform and entertain. An easy way to remember this is P.I.E. The text we read was inform.

Then we had to decide what words were used in the text. To do this you have to decide if it's a a formal text or not. If it is then it will be precise words. If it's not it will use slang. The text we read was neither so it was an everyday text which uses high frequency words.

The End!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday I had a leadership meeting. I was on time and prepared. I had to give a speech and I think I did pretty well. My feedback was to speak slower because normally I speak really fast and then when I have to speak in front of people it comes out really really fast. I need to practice speaking slow because it's a habit to speak fast. Next week we have another meeting and I need to remember to bring my green book.

Leadership Merit: Role Modeling For The Kakano Students

On Thursday I was playing netball on the courts and some younger kids came up to me and were running on the senior court so I helped them play a game on their court so they didn't get hurt. One of them fell over and got hurt so I took her to the sickbay and then went back to see how the game was going. They were still playing and there was no issues so I left their game and kept playing my game.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Subtracting Fractions

To answer this you need to cross multiply. To do this you need to times 7 and 11 together which is 77, then times 12 and 1 which is 12, then you need to take 12 away from 77 which is 65 so thats your numerator. To get your denominator you need to times 12 and 11 which is 132.  So the answer is 65/132!

Thursday, 28 May 2015


This is a follow up we got after one of our breakouts.

First we had to decide what the style of writing was. Our choices were; descriptive, historic, formal and poetic. This text is descriptive.

Next we had to decide what the authors purpose was. Our choices were; persuade, inform and entertain. This text is inform.

Then we had to decide what type of words were used. Our choices were; high frequency, precise and technical. This text uses technical words.

After that we had to decide if the text stayed the same the whole way through or if it changed. This text stayed the same.

Finally we had to write why the text stays the same or if it changes. This text stays the same because the language features are consistent throughout the text.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Careers explanation writing

My career goal is to become a physiotherapist. I want to be a physiotherapist because you get to help people get better. Physiotherapists will diagnose patients, decide on the best treatment and help people prevent further injuries. The chances of me getting a job as a physiotherapist are high because there is a great demand for their services!

If I want to be a physiotherapist I need to think about what subjects I need to do at high school. Biology, chemistry, physics, health and P.E are highly recommended if you want to become a physiotherapist.  Because these subjects will give me an early understanding about some aspects of being a physiotherapist.

After high school you will need to get a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. To get a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy it will take four years at Auckland university of technology or the university of Otago. This is a very important step in becoming a physiotherapist as at university I will learn how to be an effective physiotherapist and if I don't get the degree I can't achieve my career goal.

Along with the degree, I will also need to have these attributes; organized, good listener and good at communicating.These attributes will help me to achieve my career goal. To become a physiotherapist you need to be a good listener in order to diagnose your patient correctly. Physiotherapists need to be very organized so that they have their patient's appointment planned out and ready to go before they arrive.

Overall I think being a physiotherapist is a perfect job for me because I am a good listener and organized. I am also really interested in the subjects that I will need to do at high school. To add to that the job of a physiotherapist is really good and satisfying, if you are inexperienced you will earn 46-69k per year. When you become more  experienced you will earn 69-95k per year.

My goal is ideas. My writing shows that because in each paragraph I have talked about one relevant idea and its all factual.

Goals reflection 27.5.15

My goals at the start of the year were:
1. To be a good leader
2. To do a science badge
3. To get a distinction leadership badge

My first goal is to be a good leader. I think that I am doing quite well at that because I remember to do all of my leadership responsibilities.

My second goal is to do a science badge. I have asked to do the sports science badgw, but because no one else has done it before I have to wait till they send it over here, but when its here I'm planning on getting it done quickly.

My third goal is to get a distinction leadership badge. I am going alright at that but I have been busy with my other goals, but I have started to get on with that.

My next step is to get my merit badge so that I can get distinction later on.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My Discoverey Multistructural

We have passed Multistructural because we know two different ways to jump high.

1st Technique: The Scissor Kick

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. If you are right footed you need to spring off your left leg and while you do that raise your right leg and right arm so that your arm will propel upwards and your leg because you have to jump over the bar.

3. Make a scissoring motion with your legs and you should be over.

4. Land on your feet!

5. Run off the mat carefully so you don't knock the bar.

2nd Technique: The Flop

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. Put you right arm in the air whilst you spring of your right foot

3. Arch your back while you are going over the bar

4. Flick your legs so they don't hit the bar

5. Land safely on the mat!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Leadership Merit: Technology

On Tuesday we had Technology. I had to fix my floor and make some of my furniture. I finished making my floor and I made the bed but it was very difficult to get the desk in place because of the way my walls are shaped. Next week I have a basketball tournament so I can't go to technology and the week after that is a teacher only day which means I can't finish my room which is kind of annoying!

Leadership Merit: Flags

Every day in the morning the Heads, Deputies and House captains put out the flags and bring them back in. This term the girls are putting them out. I have helped put out the flags every day this week. It is really hard to remember but we all try to remind each other. Sometimes the boys forget to bring the flags in which is annoying because then we also get blamed for forgetting. Something I need to do better is to remember more often without having to remind each other.

Maths: Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators

Maths: Adding Fractions

Friday, 15 May 2015

Leadership Merit: Technology

On Tuesday we had technology and I showed leadership by only talking to my bus buddy and being quiet. At tech I helped people out with their rooms and hot glue gunning. I concentrated and got a lot done. I burnt myself with the hot glue gun and it really hurt but I got it fixed at the sick bay and carried on. By the end of the day I had all my walls inserted and my floor done, next I need to make my furniture.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership meeting

Today I had to be at school by 8:00 for a meeting. I remembered to show up on time and had the right resources. We read a chapter of our School Leader book and then we discussed what messages we got out of it. Some people didn't show up on time which was a little bit frustrating because we had to restart and wait for them to come.We talked about doing our leadership badges and making sure we get them done.

Friday, 8 May 2015

My Discovery

Our project for My Discovery is "How to jump the perfect High Jump jump"

We have passed Unistructural because we know how to jump high!

How you jump high:

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. If you are right footed you need to spring off your left leg and while you do that raise your right leg and right arm so that your arm will propel upwards and your leg because you have to jump over the bar.

3. Make a scissoring motion with your legs and you should be over.

4. Land on your feet!

5. Run off the mat carefully so you don't knock the bar.

                                             THE END!!!!!!! (^-^)
By Mia, Jackie and Sophie

Monday, 4 May 2015


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Crash, bang as the buildings fall, at the end of this poem their will be nothing at all.

The wails of sirens don't even compare to the shrieking of little kids, always aware.

 As the depressed rubble lays amongst the ruins whats left of the buildings stare at the rest of their old selfs.

The cracks and debris, the ruins and rubble, right now all I need is a nice big cuddle!

is onomatopoeia
is rhyme
is personification
is alliteration

I used personification because it fits in well and I wanted to challenge myself!
I used rhyme because I really like poems that rhyme and it was easy to put in!
I used onomatopoeia because I want the reader to know how it sounds!
I used alliteration because it sounds really good and I like using it!

I think I got to Relational because I used lots of language features in my poem and I know when and why I used them.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Leadership Goal For Term 2

What: My goal for leadership this term is to blog about it so that I can get my merit badge and then hopefully start on my excellence.

So What: I am going to make sure I post at least once a week about Choir and Kapahaka.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Art

This is a picture of me with my art.

Our art is inspired by Van Goph.
The solo level that I got to was relational because I used lots of different elements but I am still not to sure where and when to use them.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reflection on my Goals 25.3.15

My goals at the start of the year were:
1. To be a good leader
2. To do a science badge
3. To get a distinction leadership badge

I think that I have done really well on my first goal and I have enjoyed being a leader I hope that I can continue doing this throughout the year.
I haven't started on my science badge yet so I haven't done very well on my second goal.
I haven't blogged any of my leadership yet but I am going to start very soon.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Wonder Prequel

My wonder prequel:
It was my favourite part of the day. Everyday my mum would read me a story but this day was different, I was really mad at Christopher and I never have been before. All day I had been waiting for Christopher to come over but he never did!

I don't know why but I was even more mad at him now I wanted to punch something!

As mum walked into my room I started to cry and not just sobbing balling my eyes out and I don't really know why. I was mad at myself now! I was changing emotions as fast as Via changes clothes (She is a teenage girl after all).

My goal is to add more detail into my writing. I am at multistructural level I did that because I have added lots of different senses and I know why I put them in there.
Image result for wonder book

Monday, 9 March 2015

My goals


My goals:
1. To be a good leader
2. To do a science badge
3. To get a distinction leadership badge

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Creative Writing

"Wow it's so cool thank you mum and dad!!!" My very own baby unicorn! I'm gonna call it fluffy rainbow lollipop awesomely awesome or just Fred for short!

We can go cloud surfing or enter a galloping race or maybe we can be like partners in crime and we can go around destroying everything pink and we can be best friends!!!

I was interrupted by the sound of a unicorn pooping it kinda sounds like when Susan Boyle sings you know like aaaaaaaaaaaaa. Then I realised just how cute this unicorn really was! It had huge eyes and was fluffy and rainbow and it had really cute little baby wings it was adorable but then I realised I was reading of a note and Fred was really just invisible!!!!!