Monday, 26 May 2014

Creative writing

W.A.L.T:write freely and try new things.

My sister started to cry so did my parents.I shouted "why does my sister have to go it's not fair". My parents said to go to bed and that we would talk about it in the morning.

The next day I woke up early to the sound of my sister crying and screaming. I ran down the stairs and gave my sister a big hug and my sister told me "I have nothing to worry about and she will do her best to defend our country". I saw that mum had a nice breakfast for all of us but I couldn't help thinking that it might be our last breakfast with Hannah.My family ate the nice breakfast but I couldn't I just knew that she could get hurt or killed in this nasty war. We took Hannah to the recruitment centre and we said our goodbyes.

My sister was sent to fight the next day,they must have been desperate for soldiers.

We got a letter today I was really excited and then I noticed it wasn't from Hannah but the recruitment centre. My heart sank the letter said that Hannah was at the base in Germany when a bomber plane dropped a bomb right over their camp.Her injuries were bed she was sent to the war hospital but she died later that day...

My next step is to think about how I can word my story and to make the reader feel the emotions that I felt.

Friday, 23 May 2014

40th 40 hour famine

Tonight is the start of the 40th 40 hour famine! I am sleeping in a cardboard box and I think it's going to be fun and challenging. Good luck to all those people doing the famine you are doing an awesome thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Reading

W.A.L.T: Question the authors purpose.

We are reading a book and after every chapter we do a chapter summary.

Chapter 6 summary

Kenny is ill and is scared to leave the orphanage,he doesn't want to abandon his friends.
Charlotte is hesitant to leave and she is glad that she told Aunty Ivy and Uncle Alf about Kenny getting hit now they know that the orphanage isn't treating them right.
The Author is trying to tell us that Kenny and Char might get to live better
I think that maybe Kenny and Char will either live a better life or a worse live with their Uncle and Aunt.

My next step is to think about what is going to happen next!!!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My recount

W.A.L.T:Elaborate our ideas

I was standing on the waters edge,what could go wrong?!?!?!?! My sister was urging me into he river...

Let me fill you in! I was in the most beautiful place in New Zealand,Wanaka. My extremely crazy neighbours thought it would be a "great idea" if we went to the nearby swimming hole. Turns out the swimming hole was actually the Clutha River.

So there I was about to jump in, I had seven pairs of beady eyes staring at me,waiting for me to jump.

I could feel the time wasting away.It was late January and it felt like it was 100 degrees.!!! I was really scared and my wetsuit was REALLY uncomfortable!!!

"SPLASH" I finally jumped in.As my head went under the icy cold water,so many thoughts rushed through my head... What if I don't come back up?Why can't I breathe properly? I wonder what we are having for tea???

I came back up "what a rush" I want to jump again and again,but we had to go back to the batch.It turns out we were having fish'n'chips for tea.  

My next step is to make the reader feel like they are there with me.