Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Careers explanation writing

My career goal is to become a physiotherapist. I want to be a physiotherapist because you get to help people get better. Physiotherapists will diagnose patients, decide on the best treatment and help people prevent further injuries. The chances of me getting a job as a physiotherapist are high because there is a great demand for their services!

If I want to be a physiotherapist I need to think about what subjects I need to do at high school. Biology, chemistry, physics, health and P.E are highly recommended if you want to become a physiotherapist.  Because these subjects will give me an early understanding about some aspects of being a physiotherapist.

After high school you will need to get a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. To get a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy it will take four years at Auckland university of technology or the university of Otago. This is a very important step in becoming a physiotherapist as at university I will learn how to be an effective physiotherapist and if I don't get the degree I can't achieve my career goal.

Along with the degree, I will also need to have these attributes; organized, good listener and good at communicating.These attributes will help me to achieve my career goal. To become a physiotherapist you need to be a good listener in order to diagnose your patient correctly. Physiotherapists need to be very organized so that they have their patient's appointment planned out and ready to go before they arrive.

Overall I think being a physiotherapist is a perfect job for me because I am a good listener and organized. I am also really interested in the subjects that I will need to do at high school. To add to that the job of a physiotherapist is really good and satisfying, if you are inexperienced you will earn 46-69k per year. When you become more  experienced you will earn 69-95k per year.

My goal is ideas. My writing shows that because in each paragraph I have talked about one relevant idea and its all factual.

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