Friday, 19 June 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday we had a leadership meeting. I was there on time and I had the things I needed. We talked about helping the younger students remember their houses and getting more house competitions ready. Next week I need to make sure I remember my book because this week I was really close to forgetting.

Leadership Merit: Technology

On Tuesday we had technology. On the way to technology I sat with Lauren and we talked to each other the whole time. I am on woodwork and we were cutting our wood and making it into a box. I helped Lauren get her box together and then we decorated our title pages together. I got my box together and got my planning ready for next week. On the way back from technology it was really loud on the bus and me and Lauren couldn't really hear each other without shouting so we only talked when it got quiet.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


This is a follow up activity from one of our breakouts.

We read a text and ten had to fill in an online form.

First we had to figure out what the authors purpose was. To do this you had to think about why the author wrote this. You choose from persuade, inform and entertain. An easy way to remember this is P.I.E. The text we read was inform.

Then we had to decide what words were used in the text. To do this you have to decide if it's a a formal text or not. If it is then it will be precise words. If it's not it will use slang. The text we read was neither so it was an everyday text which uses high frequency words.

The End!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Leadership Merit: Leadership Meeting

On Thursday I had a leadership meeting. I was on time and prepared. I had to give a speech and I think I did pretty well. My feedback was to speak slower because normally I speak really fast and then when I have to speak in front of people it comes out really really fast. I need to practice speaking slow because it's a habit to speak fast. Next week we have another meeting and I need to remember to bring my green book.

Leadership Merit: Role Modeling For The Kakano Students

On Thursday I was playing netball on the courts and some younger kids came up to me and were running on the senior court so I helped them play a game on their court so they didn't get hurt. One of them fell over and got hurt so I took her to the sickbay and then went back to see how the game was going. They were still playing and there was no issues so I left their game and kept playing my game.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Subtracting Fractions

To answer this you need to cross multiply. To do this you need to times 7 and 11 together which is 77, then times 12 and 1 which is 12, then you need to take 12 away from 77 which is 65 so thats your numerator. To get your denominator you need to times 12 and 11 which is 132.  So the answer is 65/132!