Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Goals reflection 27.5.15

My goals at the start of the year were:
1. To be a good leader
2. To do a science badge
3. To get a distinction leadership badge

My first goal is to be a good leader. I think that I am doing quite well at that because I remember to do all of my leadership responsibilities.

My second goal is to do a science badge. I have asked to do the sports science badgw, but because no one else has done it before I have to wait till they send it over here, but when its here I'm planning on getting it done quickly.

My third goal is to get a distinction leadership badge. I am going alright at that but I have been busy with my other goals, but I have started to get on with that.

My next step is to get my merit badge so that I can get distinction later on.

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