Thursday, 24 July 2014


On Monday I had Kapa Haka. I was being a leader by focusing on Matua and being a role model for the younger kids.

On Wednesday I had Librarian.I was doing my best to be a leader by focusing on doing my job and not talking to my Friends.

My next step is to turn up to peer mediation on time.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Term reflection


W.A.L.T:understand and interpret the authors purpose.
I think that I went really well because in the
 text that I read about the 13 year old girl climbing Mount Everest I was able to complete the explain map and I did it really well. In the my explain map one of the purposes was to inspire young under privileged kids to follow their dreams. My next reading goal is about language features.


W.A.L.T: find the area of a right angle triangle.
I achieved this Walt because I can give you the area if a right angle triangle. I work these out by pretending that the circle is a square and then I times the sides then i half my end number. My next maths goal is to calculate the circumference of a circle.


W.A.L.T: write an explanation and use a range of sentence structures in my writing.
I think that I achieved this WALT because my explanation is really good and it has some really strong sentences.
I think that I used a range of different sentences with lots of different vocabulary.
My next goal is to use a range of topic specific vocabulary.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Yesterday I was being a leader at Kapahaka by helping the other students in what to do and where to stand and I practised the songs and the actions after school so I know them really well.
Today I was being a leader at school because at lunch time I was doing what I was ment to and when I saw one of the kids from our buddy class and said hello and asked them if they wanted me to come play a game with them.

My next step is to be a leader in peer mediation by helping to solve the problems and letting them come up with solutions by themselves so the younger kids know how to solve their own problems.