Friday, 26 September 2014


W.A.L.T: identify structural features of text.

I have achieved this W.A.L.T because I know why the author has used things like subtitles and captions and I know the impact they have on the reader.

For example subtitles help you know what the paragraph is about and to help you understand the text better.
Captions tell you what a photo is about or what the people in the photo are doing.

My next step is to learn why authors put maps and photos in the text. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014


This week I had peer mediation and I showed leadership by finding the people that were on and finishing on time.
I also had Kapahaka and I showed leadership by doing what I was ment to do and helping out the younger kids.
Today I had Choir and I was showing leadership by singing properly and looking at Miss Harris so I knew what to do.

My next step is to learn the song Aoteroa for Kapahaka.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

More should be done to protect endangered animals.

W.A.L.T: write a persuasive argument.

Fur coats, animal rugs is it really worth killing an animal for?

Picture this your sitting at home eating your toast when all these strange things surround your house and start bulldozing it down. Your trapped inside but somehow manage to get out. This is the reality for many animals.

Your fending for yourself after your house was bulldozed when a man with a strange looking object walks over to you. He pulls the trigger and you feel yourself hallucinating. 

As you start to wake up you see tons of metal bars. The floor is cold and hard, the bars unforgiving. You realise you're in a cage so you climb up the bars only to hit your head and fall back down.

And finally a man walks over to your cage with the same long object that put you to sleep he pulls the trigger and you feel a searing pain in your chest, you fight to stay alive but it's no use.

Your fur is cleaned up and sold for a very high price and that's all that you turn out to be.

A large number of animals will experience this and to all you animal lovers out there you have the poachers to thank.

Poachers will capture animals and use their; fur, tusks, horns and claws to create rugs and to sell to rich buyers. A lot of the money will go into the black market to buy illegal things such as drugs and unlicensed weapons.

If we do nothing to protect the cute fluffy animals future generations will miss out. Your grandchildren or maybe even your kids won't be able to see the creatures that we spend countless hours staring at in the zoo. When you're old and sitting by the fire telling your grandkids about the time you went to the zoo and the kids just sit there going "what are zoos" and "what are those animals"?

What if there were no more school trips to zoos? Going to zoos bring pleasure and enjoyment. Places like Orana park are doing a lot to save endangered animals such as their kiwi breeding programme.

Another reason why the animals are dying is because humans are destroying homes. Soon no more animals will live in forests which means no more birds,lizards and most importantly no more kiwis. Do you really want the New Zealand icon to be gone?

Overall, more should be done to protect endangered animals because they bring enjoyment and pleasure. Do we really want more people with fur coats and rugs after all they are just unnecessary luxury items.

The SOLO level I reached for surface features is extended abstract because I have used lots of them and know what impact they have on the reader.
The SOLO level I reached for my speech is relational because I know why wrote what I did and my main points are relevant to the topic.

My next step is to provide evidence and to say how I feel about the topic.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Today I had kapahaka and I was being a leader by listening to Matua Rihari and Mr Brown and I made sure I learnt the new song by practising at home.
I also had P.A.L's and I was being a leader by helping out the younger kids and by making it fun for them.

My next step is to organise the game we are going to run rather than just winging it. 

Friday, 12 September 2014


On Monday I had Kapahaka and I was showing leadership by listening, being respectful and helping the younger kids.
On Monday I also had peer mediation and I was being a leader by showing up on time and finishing on time rather than leaving 5 minutes earlier like the other people in my group did.
Today I had Choir and I was being a leader by ignoring what people were doing around me and looking at the conductor.

My next step is to remind people to finish peer mediation at the right time.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


On Monday we had a Kauri assembly and I was showing leadership by listening to the person speaking and facing the front.
On Wednesday I had librarian and I was showing leadership by putting the books away and listening to Miss Ward when I didn't know what to do.

My next step is to ignore the distractions in assembly and to remember what I need to do at librarian.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My narrative

W.A.L.T: use a range of sentence structures. 

On a warm summers day in an extremely posh school Ashley was walking to her usual lunch spot when she heard footsteps behind her which made her heart beat a million miles per hour.

A few metres away Zach was talking with his friends when he saw Ashley.

"WOW" he said.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Sophia were having there first encounter and believe me it wasn't a good one. If Sophia wanted friends she wasn't going the right way about it. 

She started of by saying "your my new friend go get changed into some fashionable clothes"

Of course Ashley wanted to be friends with the most popular girl in school. There was a moment of hesitation before Ashley said "Ok let me just get changed" 

Ashley walked to her locker where she kept her best clothes just in case. 

She walked back outside to Sophia and she looked beautiful in her pink spotty party dress. Her hair was tied back in a bun and her shoes were black with sequins and a bow at the tip. 

"Wow" Sophia exclaimed "you look like one of us".

"Thanks" Ashley said wondering if it was a complement or not.

Just then Zach walked over to Ashley and introduced himself to Ashley. 

Hey do you want to go to the mall after school"? Ashley said trying to change the subject. 

"Sure let me just text my mum and tell her"

"Ok meet you at the gate" Sophia said with glee. 

Zach quickly asked for Ashley's phone number but as she pulled out her phone Sophia snickered.

"Where's your iPhone"Sophia teased. 

"Um I don't have one"

"Oh  dear you must get one if you want to be my friend" Sophia said

I don't have enough money what am I going to do she thought.

"I will try to get one I guess"

At this point Ashley started to walk away. 

"Brinnnnnnnnnng" went the bell. 

"Back to class everyone" said miss Harrington. 

As the day went by Sophia grew more nervous. 

When the second bell rang Ashley jumped out of her chair, grabbed her bag and ran to the school gate  where they were supposed to meet but Sophia wasn't there.

Ashley was mad, what if Sophia didn't want to be her friend anymore, but just as she was about to leave Zach came over to her. 

"Why are you in those clothes" he said in a puzzled way. 

"Oh um I joined the popular group".

"Oh I liked you better before when you were yourself".

"I'm sorry maybe I was wrong I just wanted some friends".

"I know how you feel" Zach said with a far away glance.

"What do you mean?" Ashley said. 

"I used to be like you no offence I had no friends and I was lonely every day and when the popular group became my friends I changed and now I can't change back, but it's not to late for you"

"Oh I didn't know that. I have to go my mum wants me home" Ashley said in a sad way.

"I'll see you tomorrow" Zach called out.

Ashley went back home and carried on with what she usually did after school.

The next day Ashley woke up feeling amazing but a little bit nervous. She rummaged through her closet and found a nice purple singlet top and a pair of skinny jeans her Aunty had bought for her just in case she wanted to be fashionable. 

She realised that old yuckey clothes weren't her thing. She would go shopping in the weekend. Ashley grabbed her bag and went out the door. 

When she got to school she sat in her usual space and got to work. When she heard the bell she ran over to where the popular kids hang out and waited for Sophia.

Finally, when Sophia came over to Ashley she smiled.

"Um I don't really want to be in the popular group anymore but we can still be friends". Ashley said worriedly. 

"Oh I guess that's ok" Sophia said. "I would like it if we were still friends. Sophia said happily. 

"Yeah I would like that too" Ashley said extremely relieved. 

Ashley left to go find Zach. When she found him she grew nervous.

"I talked to Sophia and I told her that I didn't want to be in the popular group anymore but that we can still be friends".

"That's great well done".

"Well um I think that you're awesome and do you want to be my friend"? Zach said so fast that no one except for Ashley could hear. 

"Sure do you want to hang out after school"?

"Yeah that would be cool".

And they all became a trio of awesome friends the end.

The SOLO level I achieved for surface features is relational because I know why I've used them and I have got most of them in the right place.
The SOLO level I achieved for my narrative is relational because I have a moral in my story and my ideas are specific.

My next step is to make sure my moral is clear and to make my story a bit shorter.