Thursday, 26 June 2014


Yesterday I was being a leader at my peer mediation because I was making sure I wasn't doing anything silly and I was helping solve the problems properly and I was following the peer mediation process.

My maths

W.A.L.T:multiply and divide numbers by 10s,100s and 1000s.

How I work it out is if I have 39x10=     I just take the zero of the ten and put it on the 39 so the answer is 390.

Or if I have 88x1000  I take the three zeros of the 1000 and put them on the 88 so the answer is 88000.

My next step is to know a range of different ways to solve the problem.

My explanation

W.A.L.T: Use a range of sentence structures in our writing , use topic specific vocabulary in our explanation and use surface features in a well structured piece of writing.
I think that the solo taxonomy level I reached in the 2nd W.A.L.T is extended abstract because I used quite a lot of topic specific vocabulary and I know why I used them and I can ask people if these words help or don't help my writing.

Do you trust the well known brands that you've heard amazing reviews from?
Well, Ergobaby is just one if the company's that has been effected by someone breaking the consumers guarantees act.
You probably know about the consumer guarantees act, but for those of you who don't it is a series of rules to do with buying and selling that protects businesses and consumers.
I am going to explain about the consumer guarantees act being broken and the effects it has had on the business/businesses and the consumer.

There is a group of people going around selling unsafe fake baby carriers, by the name Ergobaby the same name as the real trusted brand. An unsuspecting mum-to-be bought one of the fake baby carriers let's see what happened.

One of the many rights that were broken is that goods must be of an acceptable quality. The fake baby carrier was not of an acceptable quality because if you put a little bit of pressure on the buckle it breaks. This could have resulted in the baby getting injured or even death.

Another right that has been broken is that goods must be fit for purpose. The baby carrier was not fit for purpose because it should of been able to hold a baby. The real business also suffers because they might not get as many customers as they did before.

Many more rights have been broken like consumers have the right not to be mislead or tricked. This unsuspecting mum-to-be has definitely been tricked. This mum-to-be has probably lost trust in online sellers.

Consumers also have the right to expect that goods they purchase will be safe to use. This right was definitely broken because the buckle was unsafe. This could have had a negative effect on the consumer because she might not want to buy things offline again, or it could have a positive effect because she will be more careful when she is shopping.

Overall, many of the rights have been broken. It has had many different effects on the consumer and the businesses. These baby carriers are totally unsafe, make sure when you are buying that you get the real deal.

My next step is to add more topic specific vocabulary and to try and add more of a range of  sentence structures.

Monday, 23 June 2014


Today I had Kapa Haka.I was being a leader by listening and making sure I was doing the right thing I was also helping the younger kids if they didn't know what to do.

My next step is to sing louder and make sure I know the actions so I don't have to think about them.

Friday, 6 June 2014

My reading

W.A.L.T: Understand and interpret the authors purpose.


How do you infer?
Figure things out from the clues you get,Read between the lines,prior knowledge.clues within the text and prior learning 

My next step is to think deeply about what the author was thinking and about why they wrote it