Monday, 4 May 2015


Crash, bang as the buildings fall, at the end of this poem their will be nothing at all.

The wails of sirens don't even compare to the shrieking of little kids, always aware.

 As the depressed rubble lays amongst the ruins whats left of the buildings stare at the rest of their old selfs.

The cracks and debris, the ruins and rubble, right now all I need is a nice big cuddle!

is onomatopoeia
is rhyme
is personification
is alliteration

I used personification because it fits in well and I wanted to challenge myself!
I used rhyme because I really like poems that rhyme and it was easy to put in!
I used onomatopoeia because I want the reader to know how it sounds!
I used alliteration because it sounds really good and I like using it!

I think I got to Relational because I used lots of language features in my poem and I know when and why I used them.

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