Wednesday, 24 September 2014

More should be done to protect endangered animals.

W.A.L.T: write a persuasive argument.

Fur coats, animal rugs is it really worth killing an animal for?

Picture this your sitting at home eating your toast when all these strange things surround your house and start bulldozing it down. Your trapped inside but somehow manage to get out. This is the reality for many animals.

Your fending for yourself after your house was bulldozed when a man with a strange looking object walks over to you. He pulls the trigger and you feel yourself hallucinating. 

As you start to wake up you see tons of metal bars. The floor is cold and hard, the bars unforgiving. You realise you're in a cage so you climb up the bars only to hit your head and fall back down.

And finally a man walks over to your cage with the same long object that put you to sleep he pulls the trigger and you feel a searing pain in your chest, you fight to stay alive but it's no use.

Your fur is cleaned up and sold for a very high price and that's all that you turn out to be.

A large number of animals will experience this and to all you animal lovers out there you have the poachers to thank.

Poachers will capture animals and use their; fur, tusks, horns and claws to create rugs and to sell to rich buyers. A lot of the money will go into the black market to buy illegal things such as drugs and unlicensed weapons.

If we do nothing to protect the cute fluffy animals future generations will miss out. Your grandchildren or maybe even your kids won't be able to see the creatures that we spend countless hours staring at in the zoo. When you're old and sitting by the fire telling your grandkids about the time you went to the zoo and the kids just sit there going "what are zoos" and "what are those animals"?

What if there were no more school trips to zoos? Going to zoos bring pleasure and enjoyment. Places like Orana park are doing a lot to save endangered animals such as their kiwi breeding programme.

Another reason why the animals are dying is because humans are destroying homes. Soon no more animals will live in forests which means no more birds,lizards and most importantly no more kiwis. Do you really want the New Zealand icon to be gone?

Overall, more should be done to protect endangered animals because they bring enjoyment and pleasure. Do we really want more people with fur coats and rugs after all they are just unnecessary luxury items.

The SOLO level I reached for surface features is extended abstract because I have used lots of them and know what impact they have on the reader.
The SOLO level I reached for my speech is relational because I know why wrote what I did and my main points are relevant to the topic.

My next step is to provide evidence and to say how I feel about the topic.

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