Friday, 31 October 2014

50th Jubilee Writing

Oaklands school had their 50th Jubilee on Labour weekend this year. I am Year 7. In 50 years time when they have their 100th Jubilee I will be 61. In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at Oaklands school...

I think that the classes will be bigger and they will have around 40 people in them. I also would like to have at least 2 teachers in each class.

I also think that there will be more houses and that the house will have different names.

There will be more technology in each class and maybe even enough for 1 each.

I would like to see that they teach subjects like science and english.

I would like to see that there are more sport opportunities and especially more opportunities for the talented sportspeople.

I would like to see more play areas for the younger students.

I hope there will be more sports equipment for everyone to use at playtimes.

I would like to see S.D.L (self directed learning) carry on for the year 7/8 students.

I hope to see you at the 100th jubilee, maybe you can take me on a tour!

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